The Vineyards

The company’s vineyards are located in Villa Rioddi, about 1 km from the historic center of Volterra; the total extension is about 3 ha, of which 2 are of red grape varieties such as Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Ciliegiolo, Colorino and about 1 ha of white grape variety Vermentino.

The exposure is south-west, on the side of Volterra where you can see the sea, the soil is mainly clay with a massive presence of skeleton (stones).

The first hectare was planted in 2007, after a careful study and preparation of the soil by Francesco, so as to induce him to elaborate his degree thesis in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Pisa precisely on: “Influence of accommodation hydraulic-agricultural pre-planting of a vineyard on the fertility of the soil “.

The management

Regarding the management of the vineyards in post-planting, the line adopted is the one that sees the complete elimination of the chemical support of synthesis and minerals for nutrition in favor of improving and regenerating crops of the biological fertility of the soil (mixtures of legumes and grasses), which are sown annually in the rows to then be chopped and buried in the flowering phase (green manure technique). This has meant that the company’s vineyards have had and still have times of growth, entry into production and yields per hectare that are completely different from conventional vineyards (with the aid of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, etc.). And it is precisely from here that the peculiarity of our product starts.

As regards the planting density, it was decided to adopt a fairly traditional line with a density of 5660 vines per hectare (sixth 2.20 mx 0.80 m), spurred cordon as a training system for the red and guyot grape varieties. for the white berried ones.

"Only those who truly understand nature will be able to bottle the essence of their land"

The Cellar

The winery is located on the road from Volterra to Saline di Volterra.

The grapes are harvested strictly by hand, placed in boxes of about 15-20 kg and taken to the cellar immediately. It is vinified with the utmost care and following the ENODYNAMIC method, which provides for the maximum enhancement of the varietal characteristics without the aid of oenological products such as industrial yeasts, fermentation aids, tannins and a whole series of products that would artificially create the characteristics of the final product, without taking into account the most important factor for us: THE QUALITY OF THE GRAPES THAT ENTER THE CELLAR.


Fermentation takes place spontaneously and at free temperature in steel and cement tanks, while the maturation is entrusted to fourth and fifth passage oak barrels and the refinement takes place in the bottle for about 6 months. The simplicity of operations and the absence of external factors (wine products) make our product genuinely unique and strongly linked to the land it comes from.