Our philosophy

Our basic idea is to offer the public a product that is not only genuine and an expression of the territory from which it comes, but that it is possible to perceive the soul, energy and personality of those who produce it, or rather of those who simply “help” the plants and the soil to express themselves as unique and irreproducible living beings of this Universe.
This is our idea of wine that will be more appreciated in the future, as opposed to those types of wines that are technically perfect but lacking in soul and attributable to the territory.
In this endless search, the Company refuses to classify its agronomic method as “conventional”, “organic”, “biodynamic” or “natural” and prefers to self-define its agriculture as LIVING AGRICULTURE.

The value of healthy, living soil is inestimable

Live Agriculture

To briefly explain what we mean by this term, let’s start from what for us is the basis of everything: “the value of a healthy, living soil is inestimable”. For this reason it is essential to eliminate any chemical-analytical support such as fertilizers, herbicides, invasive mechanical processing and cold laboratory analyzes in favor of techniques that involve the use of natural processes of revitalization of the soil such as green manure, minimum and harmonized processing. with astral motions (lunar and astrological cycles).

Plant Management

As for the management of plants, we try to understand, and therefore to be as less invasive as possible in the management of the foliage and fruiting, so that each plant has the possibility to follow its own biological times without these being forced. by exogenous factors, such as fertilizers and pesticides that would directly affect the metabolic balance, giving problems that are usually corrected or rather suffocated during the vinification and aging of the wine, with as many industrial oenological products which, despite having a “good” result, they end up making the final product correct but absolutely “similar”, regardless of the place in the world, soil, or variety of vine from which the grapes come.

It is no coincidence that, unfortunately, it is increasingly possible to trace certain wines not to the territory from which they come but directly to the oenological technique and therefore to the winemaker who “builds” them according to the needs of the market in a given place and historical period, giving a vinification protocol to winery operators which is aimed at obtaining certain pre-established characteristics, without absolutely considering that each single plant is a unique being in the world just like each of us and consequently with its own personality that wants to express itself in its own way instead of being suffocated and aligned with qualitative criteria dictated by the market.

For this reason, if you have the opportunity to taste our wine, you will have the pleasure of having a taste of our territory, of every single plant different from the adjacent one, and above all of our passion and love in what we do.