Our basic idea is to propose to the public a product that has to be not only genuine and an expression of the territory from where it comes, but that can also communicate the soul, the energy and the personality of who produces it, or better of who simply “helps” plants and soil to express themselves as unique and unreproduceable living beings of this Universe.

This is our idea of wine, that will be more appreciated in the future, in contrast to those kinds of wine which are technically perfect, but devoid of soul and traceability to the territory.

In this endless research our winery refuses to classify its agronomic method as “conventional”, “organic”, “biodynamic” or “natural” and we prefer to define our agriculture as a LIVING AGRICULTURE.

In order to explain briefly what we mean by this term let’s start with what we think as the basic principle of everything: “The value of a healthy, living soil is inestimable”. That is why the exclusion of any chemical-analytical support is absolutely necessary, as fertilizers, herbicides, invasive mechanical processing and cold laboratory analysis, in favour of tecniques that provide the use of natural processing of soil REVITALIZATION, as green manure tecniques, minimum processing tuned with the astral motion (lunar and astrological cycles).

On the other side, regarding the plants, we always try to understand them and so we try to be as less invading as possible while operating on the foliage and the fructification. In this way, every plant has the possibility to follow its own bylogical times without being forced by exogenous factors, such as fertilizers and phytopharmacy products. These products would directly affect the plants’ metabolic balance, causing problems that are normally corrected or better suffocated in the vinification and aging times, with as many industrial enological products that on one side give a “good” result, because they make the final product correct but, on the other side, make it absolutely “similar”, independently from the place of the world, soil or variety from where the grapes come. Unfortunately, not by chance, it is getting more and more possible to trace back wines not to the territory they come from, but to the enological tecnique – and so to the enologist – who “builds” them, according to market needs in a precise place and historical period, by giving a cellar protocol with some pre-established feautures, without taking into consideration that every single plant is a unique living being in the world, exactly like us, with its own personality that wants to express itself in its own way and does not want to be suffocated and aligned to market-driven quality criteria.

For this reason, if you have the opportunity to taste our wine, you will have the pleasure to have a taste of our territory, of every single plant, which is different from the next one and, above all, of our passion and love for what we do.

“The value of a healthy, living soil is inestimable”