The vineyards of our vine industry are situated in Villa Rioddi, a location about 1 kilometer away from the old town centre of Volterra; the total extent is about 3 hectares, of which 2 are of red grapes variety as Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Ciliegiolo, Colorino and 1 hectare is of white grapes variety, that is Vermentino.

The exposure is south-west, on the Volterra side where you can see the sea, the soil is predominantly clavey, with massive skeletal presence (stones).

The first hectare was planted in 2007, after a careful study and preparation of the soil made by Francesco, who was inspired to work out his degree thesis in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Pisa exactly about: “The influence of hydraulic-agrarian structures of pre-planting a vineyard on soil fertility”.

Regarding the plant’s density we decided to adopt a quite traditional method: 5660 strains density per hectare (sixth 2,20m x 0,80 m), spurred cordon as a form of breeding for red berry varieties and guyot for white berry varieties.

Concerning the management of vineyards in the post-plant, we decided the total exclusion of the chemical support for nutrition, both of synthesis and mineral, in favour of soil improvement and regenerating organic fertility crops (mixtures of legumes and grasses), which are sown annually in the rows and then chopped and buried during the flowering phase (green manure tecnique). Thanks to this decision, the vineyards of our farm have had and still have times of growth, entry in production and yields per hectare completely different from the vineyards run with a conventional management (with the aid of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, etc.). So it is right here where the peculiarity of our product starts

“We are part of Nature and the World, not masters of the earth…”