The cellar

The cellar of our farm is situated in Valle, a location near the farmhouse “Podere le Pergole”, owned by the Pepi family.
The grapes are harvested by hand, placed in 15-20 kilos picking boxes and brought immediately to the cellar. The wine making is made with the greatest attention following the method of ENODYNAMICS, that provides for maximum exploitation of the varietal features, without the aid of enological products, such as industrial yeasts, adjuvants of fermentations, tannins and a whole series of products that would artificially create the characteristics of the final product, without taking into account the most important factor for us: THE QUALITY OF GRAPES THAT GET IN THE CELLAR.
Fermentations occur naturally and at a free temperature in steel and cement tanks, while
the fruit ripening is entrusted to oak casks of fourth and fifth passage and the aging takes place in bottles for about 6 months.
The simplicity of these operations and the absence of external factors (enological products) make our product naturally unique and strongly bound to the land where it comes from.

“Only those who really understand nature will be able to bottle the essence of their own land”